Pew report: Older U.S. Christians being quickly replaced by young ‘nones’

Pew report: Older U.S. Christians being quickly replaced by young ‘nones’

(RNS) — The United States is steadily becoming less Christian plus the number of individuals without any faith is increasing.

Those will be the double headlines from the newest Pew Research report released Thursday (Oct. 17), which ultimately shows a dramatic decline in US spiritual practices during the period of ten years.

The report, an aggregation of annual surveys that are political enquire about religion, shows quick alterations in generational attitudes toward religion.

“The rate of which Christians are declining is extremely striking.”

It discovers that two-thirds (65%) of People in the us describe themselves as Christians, down from 77per cent last year. Moreover it suggests that the true wide range of Us citizens whom say they’ve no religion — often called nones — has risen up to 26%, up from 17per cent about ten years ago.

“The price of which Christians are declining is quite striking,” said Greg Smith, associate manager of research at Pew. “And the share of Us citizens who possess no faith keeps growing extremely quickly, that will be just like striking.”

Protestants now compensate fewer than half of most U.S. adults — or 43% (down from 51per cent a decade ago) and Catholics make-up 20% ( straight straight down from 23% in ’09).

Those figures are mirrored in attendance at religious services aswell. The very first time, more Us americans say they attend spiritual solutions once or twice per year or less (54%) compared to those whom attend one or more times a thirty days (45%). The study notes that while general church attendance is down, 62% of Christians say they attend services once an or more — about the same as a decade ago month. Read more